This Pair Of Shoes Is The Ultimate Status Symbol At Goldman Sachs

salvatore ferragmo
These puppies will set you back $520.

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Of course there has long existed the banker-style cliche of a Hermes tie and Italian loafers.But at Goldman Sachs, we hear there’s a more specific dress code that includes, for some people, a pair of Salvatore Ferragamo shoes.

At Goldman Sachs, as in any bank, there is a hierarchy, and at Goldman, one of the manifestations of that hierarchy is through the Ferragamo loafer.

A Goldmanite explains: to wear a pair of Ferragamo loafers “is a status symbol,” inside the bank.

“You don’t buy them until you’ve made it. All the partners, the MDs – they wear them. But analysts and associates – No. You’d get cut down if you bought a pair too early.”

We asked if too-eager novices, walking around 200 West St in a pair of the fabled shoe, would be mocked?

“They’d be laughed at,” our source said.

Of course you won’t see the italian shiny leather at the moment; “everyone’s wearing boots at this time of year.”