The ultimate guide to growing a man bun

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One of the most common top knot hairstyles for men is the man bun style. Despite being initially taken as a style for women, it has been growing in popularity among men. Today, man bun hairstyles are a common trend and you definitely should consider trying it out.

You probably thought this was one of the current soccer player haircuts because it has been associated with public figures. Not a fan of soccer? No worries, there are plenty of other popular athlete haircuts to choose from. However, you don’t have to be one to have it. If you are considering this option, here is a simple guide to get a perfect man bun hairstyle.

Things you should not do

Even though the man bun hairstyles are straightforward just like other popular current hairstyles, not every other person gets it right. Therefore, you need to avoid the following list of things in order to be successful.

  • Dirty, greasy and unkempt hair
  • Carelessly tying up a bun
  • Pulling your hair tightly
  • Overusing a certain hair product to make your hair shiny
  • Tying a bun on very short hair

A bun can be placed on top or at a lower position of your head.

Fold or roll your formed ponytail in an upward manner until it creates a bun and again wrap the other one around it to secure it.

1. Grow and maintain a man bun. Determine whether you’ve got the right kind of hair; avoid having wispy, thin strands because they can easily be broken when pulled back during the styling process. This is not necessarily worn by men with long hair.

2. Grow it out. Take time to grow your hair to make it possible to put it up. This length below is about the minimum for a good bun.

3. Keep your hair healthy. Take care for your hair as it grows by washing it quite often with shampoo products that keep hair strong with good hair moisture and a healthy scalp. Hair thickening shampoo is highly recommended for the kind of quality you need for this hairstyle.

4. Brush regularly. You may need a separate hair conditioner or opt for a leave-in hair product if you realize your hair is dry. Use a comb or brush that cannot break your hair easily and get split ends trimmed quite often to prevent the hair from appearing crispy or burnt.

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5. Choose a style. Choose between a semi, half or full version of this hairstyle as your hair grows. A semi man bun will only use the hair on top and is usually smaller than the other bun hairstyles.

Style how you like. With a half bun, your hair leaves several strands in a loose position to form a combination of a ponytail and a man bun. A full one uses all your hair and would require it to have its maximum length.

6. Consult your barber. Set the style of your hair using high-quality products that hinder fluffiness and frizz without weighing the strands down. There are various ways to style your hair and your barber can help you do that perfectly.

7. Make it happen. Using a scooping format, gather your hair beginning at the head front backwards. Repeat this until you can catch your hair without making any obvious lines or leaving out some of the strands.

8. Form the bun. Make a cloth-wrapped tie instead of a rubber band on your bun in order to allow the hair to glide freely. Wrap your hair several times to form a ponytail.

This post originally appeared on Men’s Hairstyles Club. You can read the original article here.

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