The UFC In Talks To Buy Controlling Interest In G4 Channel

Several media outlets report that UFC’s parent company, Zuffa LLC is in negotiations to buy into the G4 network. Zuffa would own a controlling 60% share in the struggling network. Is this the UFC’s XFL moment or a game changer in the worlds of sports and entertainment?

The news certainly came out of left field on Thursday as it was first reported by the Wall Street Journal and later confirmed by the New York Times. Contrary to most headlines, the UFC is not in talks to outright buy the network. The Times reports that the UFC is negotiating to buy 60% of the network from Comcast, thus giving them majority interest.

This comes at a time where the UFC’s television deal with Spike TV is coming to an end. Dave Meltzer reports that Dana White denies this story is true, although you’d have to be an idiot to take anything Mr. White says at face value nowadays. Several MMA sources do report that Spike TV is preparing for life without the UFC, although technically they are still in the game.

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