The Two Things That Men Think About Even More Than Sex


[credit provider=”Todd Martin”]

Modern men don’t think about sex once every seven seconds: more like once every hour.And they think just as often or more about food and sleep.

These were findings from a study of freshmen at Ohio State University — presumably a very hormonal group — according to LiveScience. The average man thought about sex, food and sleep 18 times during the day. (The average women thought about each thing 10 times during the day.)

Behavioural Psychologist Jo Hemmings tells MailOnline: ‘There tend to be more trigger mechanisms to thinking about food. The sights and smells associated with eating, as well as simple hunger or thirst, tend to be more commonplace in everyday life than the trigger mechanism for thinking about sex, so inevitably we think more about it.’

When men watch TV that means they are as likely to form a meaningful connection with a high-def close-up of a cheeseburger as they are to similar shot of a woman.

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