The TSA Collected Half A Million Dollars In Change From Airport Security Checkpoints Last Year

Going through security checkpoints at the airport can be a stressful experience, and things can easily get lost in the shuffle as passengers remove belts, coats, and shoes.

It turns out a lot of money gets misplaced, too. According to official TSA reports released by The Washington Post, last year the TSA made $531,395.22 in change collected at security checkpoints in airports across the country.

Travellers passing through Miami International Airport left the largest amount, totaling $US39,613. Passengers at Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport came in second, leaving behind $26,900.21.

The TSA is required by law to report to Congress the unclaimed money they receive at airports. The half-million dollar total is the highest ever, according to The Washington Post.

But what happens to all that money?

The TSA is authorised to use unclaimed money to further their mission (“civil aviation security”), but since they’ve only spent about $US6,500 of last year’s money, Congress is looking at other options. A bill passed in the House earlier this week would require the TSA to donate collected money to non-profits like the USO. The bill is on its way to the Senate.

Here are the 10 airports whose passengers left behind the most money in Fiscal Year 2012:

1) Miami International — $US39,613

2) McCarran International (Las Vegas) — $US26,900

3) O’Hare International (Chicago) — $US22,116

4) Los Angeles International — $US21,916

5) John F. Kennedy International — $US21,201

6) Dallas/Fort Worth International — $US20,190

7) San Francisco International — $US19,874

8) Washington Dulles International — $US16,537

9) Logan International (Boston) — $US16,406

10) George Bush Intercontinental (Houston) — $US16,082

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