The Truth About Your College Degree

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Yesterday, we wrote about 17 million kids who haven’t done jack with their college degrees.

What good, exactly, does a diploma do for you?

Having an undergraduate degree means more job options. It also means a few other things.

College degrees increase your chances of being employed

Which also means they decrease your chances of being unemployed

And typically, you'll earn more money with one...

But not always - about 17 million people with degrees have careers they don't need a BA for

Women aren't slackers when it comes to school. They get more degrees in four years and are enrolled more than men

You only spent 15% of your college days getting a degree; the rest of the time was spent playing and sleeping (a no-brainer)

40% of US adults have a bachelor's degree, but more Canadians have graduated college than anyone else

The cost of college tuition has consistently increased faster than the overall inflation rate since 1981

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