The Truth About Yahoo's 'Interim' CEO

Ross Levinsohn

Photo: Flickr/DFarber

After Yahoo fired CEO Scott Thompson for lying on his resume, it promoted Americas boss Ross Levinsohn to “Interim CEO.”But Levinsohn is not the same kind of “interim” CEO that Yahoo CFO Tim Morse was last fall.

Morse’s job was to be a placeholder while the board formed a search committee to find an eventual replacement to Carol Bartz.

Levinsohn, we’re told by sources who have spoken to Yahoo executives and board members, has been instructed to go run the business as if he were Yahoo’s permanent CEO.

And indeed, the board has yet to form a search committee.

This is good news for Yahoo. It needs—right now—someone at the top who feels like he can make organizational and strategic decisions without consulting the board.

Is it good news for Levinsohn? That’s harder to say. Yahoo has, after all, gone through five other CEOs since 2007.

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