Bill Clinton Davos
Don’t know whether Bill’s going this year. But Chelsea is!

It’s that time of year again…Davos time!

Much to my surprise, the World Economic Forum has been kind enough to invite me back to the world’s most prestigious event, despite everything that I revealed about the event last year.

This invitation came as a surprise because, last year, toward the end of the conference, while I was waiting in the coat-check line at one of the dozens of completely-indistinguishable corporate hotel parties that compete for guests every evening, the prominent editor of a rival publication gave me a huge grin and handshake and said he LOVED my posts–and then added, triumphantly, “Of course, you’ll never be invited back!”

And because my not being invited back did seem a distinct possibility–my “unboxing” of the Davos swag bag and other tales had been a hit with readers but caused a kerfluffle among the powers-that-be–I had no choice but to grin and agree.

But, thankfully, the folks at the WEF have a sense of humour, so, next week, it’s off to Switzerland again.

And because 5 days of international-booze-and-shmooze wouldn’t be anywhere near enough, I’ll be stopping in Munich first, courtesy of the kind folks at Burda, where I’ll be moderating a panel at the DLD conference.

I considered calling this year’s series “FEAR AND LOATHING IN DAVOS,” in honour of the late Hunter Thompson’s famous pilgrimage to Vegas, but I realised that a series on that theme would require me to procure and ingest cartloads of substances that are probably illegal in Switzerland (and that, at my age and substance-tolerance, would render me unconscious before I even left my hotel room). So I’ll stick to THE TRUTH ABOUT DAVOS.

And because some of these truths about Davos are enduring, here’s some of what I discovered last year:


  • How To Get Invited
  • What To Wear
  • It’s Just Like High School!
  • Unboxing The Swag Bag
  • The Real Reason People Pay $71,000 Apiece To Come To Davos
  • HOLY CRAP: Sean Parker Almost Died At Davos Last Night
  • Here Are The 25 People And Companies Who Just Won Davos

I know the ropes this year, so I’m not going to waste time on all that rookie stuff I got snookered into last year. So, with luck, we’ll be getting some very fresh material to work with.

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