Blodget Huffington DavosThe main activity in Davos: Bloviating.

Two years ago, when the folks at the World Economic Forum first invited me to Davos, I began writing a series called “The Truth About Davos.”The goal of the series was to convey what the conference is actually like, instead of just reporting news or regurgitating marketing speak.

This “truth about Davos,” I suspected, was not necessarily going to be negative–it was just going to be truth (good, bad, funny, silly, sad, ironic, whatever).

And that’s what it turned out to be.

At a party last night, someone told me they had enjoyed those articles and asked me to feature them again.

So here’s a selection…


  • How To Get Invited
  • What To Wear
  • The Truth About Davos — It’s Just Like High School!
  • I Just Checked Into My Crappy Hotel And Met The Most Impressive Man Here!
  • Unboxing The Davos Swag Bag [PHOTOS]
  • Guten Morgen, Davos! Let’s Get Up And Go To The Congress centre! [PHOTOS]
  • The Real Reason People Pay $71,000 Apiece To Come To Davos–And Why They’ll Keep Paying More Every Year
  • HOLY CRAP: Sean Parker Almost Died At Davos Last Night
  • It’s Da-VOS, Not DA-vos [PHOTOS]
  • Here’s What Happens In Davos When You Don’t Get Invited To Any Parties [PHOTOS]
  • What The World Leaders In Davos REALLY Think Of Each Other
  • Here Are The 25 People And Companies Who Just Won Davos
  • A Visit To The Frigid Igloos Of Occupy DavosĀ [PHOTOS]
  • DAVOS DEBATE: Should You Buy A New $65 Million Private Jet…Or Renovate A “Classic” One?
  • No, Mick Jagger Did Not Skip Davos — I Know Because I Just Rubbed Elbows With Him
  • I Was Supposed To Go To 8 Parties Last Night, But I Only Made It To 6 [PHOTOS]
  • A Gift From The Government Of Azerbaijan To The People Of Davos [PHOTOS]

And in case you’re curious, here are a few in this vein from this year:

  • UNBOXING The NEW Davos Swag Bag [PHOTOS]
  • Jamie Dimon Dwarfed By Colossal Bloomberg Anchor
  • The Head Of A Government Agency Just Blew Me Off To Meet With Marissa Mayer

I’ll add more as they come…

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