Sounds Like Every Ridiculous Thing You Ever Thought About Congressional Hearings Might Be True

neil barofsky

Photo: YouTube

In his new book, ‘Bailout: An Insider Account of How Washington Abandoned Main Street While Rescuing Wall Street,‘ former Special Inspector for TARP Neil Barofsky makes zero effort to hide his disdain for DC politics.After reading it ourselves, we can hardly blame him. Sure, we talk about utter dysfunction in Washington but to think it’s as bad as our wildest imaginings? That’s tough.

But Barofsky’s account makes it easy, especially when he discusses the process he went through to get confirmed for his appointment. He sought advice from DC vets to prepare for his confirmation hearing, and what they told him tells you a lot about what really goes at such proceedings.

Here’s some key advice from the book:

  • “Try not to be distracted about what they’re doing when they’re not talking to you. They will be talking, laughing with one another while you or another senator is speaking. They might even ask a question and leave during your answer.”
  • “When you get any substantive questions and they insist on an answer just tell them that you didn’t have access to anything other than what is already in the public domain, so you can’t really answer.”
  • “When they give you a multi part question, just pick the part that you like the best and answer it, ignore the other parts.”
  • “Most of the time they don’t really care what you r answer is, they just care about getting their question on the news.”

Sounds about right, don’t you think?

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