The True Cost Of Too Much Traffic In The World

naked bikers bike bicycle

The cap and trade bill is just a big tax increase. [Weekly Standard]

What it’s like to live with out a car. [Infrastructurist]

What to expect when you start driving your Roadster for the first time. [Tesla Motor Club]

ComEd saves customers $20 million through efficiency programs. [GreenBiz]

Utilities and carbon traders are profiting from the doubling in the price of carbon in Europe. [Reuters]

Exxon blames the weak dollar for the rise in oil prices. [Bloomberg]

Touring Coke’s new efficient plant. [Triple Pundit]

Volvo’s new proprietary engine. [Green Car Congress]

Looks like there might be a new nuclear plant coming to Ohio. [Atomic Insights]

HelioVolt gets a new CEO, ex-COO at First Solar. [Press Release]

Naked bikers and the true danger of car traffic. [HuffPo]

The least green cars. [Guardian]

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