The Trickiest Part Of Getting Hired To Be A Google Engineer

whiteboard coding

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If you want to get hired at Google, you better get used to writing code to solve a problem on a giant white board.It’s a decidedly low-tech way of writing computer code, but it shows your Google interviewers how you are dealing with “noise” and how quickly you can solve a problem without writing too much code.

The advice comes from a response on Quora by Moishe Lettvin, a software engineer at Google that teaches interview training classes at Google.

Here’s what he had to say:

Get used to not only coding on the whiteboard, but thinking on the whiteboard — draw pictures, pseudocode, etc. — anything that can give your interviewer an idea of what you’re thinking. This will let him or her give you hints, maybe nudge you if you’re on the right (or wrong) track, and just give them data, which is way more valuable than silence, even if you’ve got a crystalline vision in your head — if the interviewer doesn’t know that, it doesn’t help you. And the more you practice the more natural the interview itself will feel.

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