The Trailer Is Out For Wahlberg's Big Depiction Of Navy SEALs' Epic Gunfight

lone survivor

The trailer is out for a major motion picture that tells the story of four Navy SEALs who suffered a harrowing ordeal on a controversial mission in Afghanistan in 2005.

The movie is based off of the book “Lone Survivor,” a first-hand account of the battle ghost-written by Patrick Robinson, a military writer, using extensive interviews with Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell. 

In 2005, a Navy SEAL fire team covertly entered the Hindu Kush mountains on a mission to capture or kill a high ranking Taliban commander. 

After the SEALs were discovered by a group of Afghan goat herders, the mission quickly went awry. They were ambushed by dozens of Taliban fighters shortly after making the decision to let the goat herders go. 

All of the members of the SEAL Team but Luttrell were killed. The team leader, Lt. Michael P. Murphy, was awarded the Medal of honour. 

Luttrell only survived after he was protected by a nearby Afghan village. 

The story is not without controversy; most notably, the size of the Taliban force has varied from 8-10 all the way up to more than 200. Luttrell’s after actions report indicated it could have been 30. There’s a pretty concise synopsis of the book’s inconsistencies here

Luttrell was awarded the Navy Cross, the Navy and Marine Corps’ second highest award for valor. He will be portrayed by Mark Wahlberg in the film.

See the trailer here:

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