The Portland Trail Blazers had a hilarious reaction to their trade with the Houston Rockets in which they didn't receive any players

The Houston Rockets’ acquisition of Chris Paul may have been the biggest offseason move in the NBA this week, but it wasn’t the funniest. That distinction belongs to the Portland Trail Blazers, who rolled out the Twitter welcome wagon after trading guard Tim Quarterman to Houston in exchange for “cash considerations.”

You read that right. In a loving homage to the montages most NBA teams post after acquiring a new player, the Trail Blazers’ Twitter account extended a warm welcome to a pile of hundred-dollar bills.

The tweet was an instant crowd-pleaser, drawing hundreds of replies from fans, websites and other teams. Statistics website Basketball-Reference got in on the joke immediately, creating a fake player page complete with a photo of a bag of money.

Note Cash Considerations’ listed birthday, which is the date on which Congress passed the Coinage Act of 1792.

Less than an hour after sending the original tweet, the Trail Blazers doubled down.

In another hilarious spoof of an NBA offseason mainstay, the team tweeted out an excerpt from a fake press conference, with the bag of money delivering the kind of stock quote we’re bound to hear on many occasions this summer.


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