The Tragedy Of Losing Your Trust Fund


We really wanted to get through this Slate article about losing your trust fund, but we got hung up on the first line.

My small but helpful trust fund lost 40 per cent all at once, and then another 20 per cent, leaving me, practically speaking, destitute. I suddenly needed something more than an Internet writing job (Internet writers need trust funds) at the exact moment when there were no jobs.

Please, can someone read it and tell us the gist in the comments?

Actually: This is probably an important phenomenon to watch. The post-trust funders. People who thought they could go the rest of their lives writing for a literary magazine, working on documentary films, taking pictures of their attractive friends… all of the sudden they might have to find productive labour that other people will pay for. It could be a good thing for the economy to welcome these people back to the real workforce.