The town that invented one of the world's most famous pasta sauces has just been flattened by an earthquake

Amatrice, Italy. Picture: Natsag at Italian Wikipedia

The Italian town that invented matriciana pasta sauce “isn’t here anymore”, according to its mayor.

Sergio Pirozzi, mayor of Amatrice, told Italy’s Radio RAI that people wre trapped under rubble after a 6.2-magnitude earthquake shook the central Italian province of Perugia during the night.

Picture: USGS

“The roads in and out of town are cut off. Half the town is gone,” Pirozzi said.

“There are people under the rubble … There’s been a landslide and a bridge might collapse.”

The quake was felt as far as 150km away in Rome. Apparently this is the main road through Amatrice right now:

Amatrice is a small town of 2700 people, known most famously for its Amatriciana pasta sauce. The pork cheek, pecorino cheese and tomato classic has been named a traditional agro-alimentary product by the Italian government.

Damage has also been recorded in other towns in the region. Buildings collapsed in Arquata del Tronto, a town of 1300 people just east of Norcio, where the quake struck.

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