This hilarious Vine star nails what it’s like to be a teenage girl

Lele pons

Lele Pons’ “journal” has been read almost seven billion times. 

OK, not read. Watched.

The 19-year-old Vine sensation told Tech Insider that she considers her wildly popular Vine account to be a “journal” of her “daily experiences as a teenager.”

She keeps her 9 million (and counting) fans entertained with six-second clips of her signature slapstick comedy.

She’s so hilarious that we even decided to feature her as #15 on Tech Insider’s “Social 50,” a list of the best people on the internet right now. 

Check out 14 of the most hilarious Vines from Lele Pons. 

title=”Even though she graduated last spring, Pons, 19, still posts school-themed Vines.”