This hilarious Vine star nails what it's like to be a teenage girl

Lele Pons’ “journal” has been read almost seven billion times. 

OK, not read. Watched.

The 19-year-old Vine sensation told Tech Insider that she considers her wildly popular Vine account to be a “journal” of her “daily experiences as a teenager.”

She keeps her 9 million (and counting) fans entertained with six-second clips of her signature slapstick comedy.

She’s so hilarious that we even decided to feature her as #15 on Tech Insider’s “Social 50,” a list of the best people on the internet right now. 

Check out 14 of the most hilarious Vines from Lele Pons. 

Even though she graduated last spring, Pons, 19, still posts school-themed Vines.

She seems like she'd be a fun classmate.

Pons knows just how to capture totally relatable moments, like this Vine where she and a friend don't know any of the lyrics to a song.

Check out her six-second version of Taylor Swift's 'Blank Space,' complete with a signature smack in the face.

Many of Pons' most popular Vines involve her shoving pies in people's faces. Check out this unsuspecting cop's reaction.

And here's another, this time with a bride and groom.

She's known for her slapstick skills.

'High School Musical' fans will enjoy this Vine.

The Venezuelan-born teenager often makes Vines involving her cultural heritage, like this one, which spoofs dancing styles of couples from different countries.

Her mum makes plenty of appearances in her Vines too.

According to Pons' Vines, her dad is always trying to spoil her love life.

Though, based on this Vine, it looks like things are going great with Pons' one true love: her iPhone.

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