The Top Reason Everyone Quits Their Job Is Because Of Low Pay


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In recent years, companies have had trouble retaining employees — especially the Gen Y workers who are more apt to move from one opportunity to the next. Now we know why.

Last year, the top reason workers quit their jobs was to seek higher pay somewhere else, according to a survey conducted by PayScale

And this trend has been steadily rising for the past three years. 

The survey says that larger companies are more likely to lose their employees than smaller ones, yet they are also the ones more willing to award their employees through bonuses. 

The graph below shows that the information, media and telecommunications industry offers the most types of bonuses — and individual incentive programs are also the most common. 


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Payscale’s survey defines a small company as one with less than 100 employees, a medium-sized one as a firm with 100-to-1,000 employees and a large-sized one as anything larger than that.