FOOTBALL IS BACK: Here Are The Top NFL Home Openers

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Now that the lockout is finally over, NFL ticket prices are up across the board on the secondary market.  In response, SeatGeek decided to take a look at our proprietary ticketing data and find which 2011 home openers currently have the most-demanded NFL tickets.  

We also took a look at each individual team’s search volume to get an idea of how often fans are looking for each team’s tickets. 

What follows is a ranking of the top 8 NFL home openers – according to their pricing on the resale market and percentage of NFL search volume on SeatGeek.

8) New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles, Week 3 - Sun (9/25)

  • Average Ticket Price: $330
  • % of searches: 4.14%

When divisional rivals the New York Giants visit Philly, Eagles tickets are usually the hottest of the regular season.

Add the excitement of the first home game of the season, and it's easy to see why Eagles fans are shelling out an average of $330 to attend this Week 3 matchup.

7) San Diego Chargers at New England Patriots, Week 2 - Sun (9/18)

  • Average Ticket Price: $352
  • % of searches: 4.06

Patriots tickets are always in high demand, and this year is no exception - the team has the second-highest average ticket prices across the entire upcoming season.

The home opener is the sixth-most expensive opener this year, though the team's search volume is a little on the low side and therefore moves it down a few slots.

6) Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys, Week 3 - Mon (9/26)

  • Average ticket price: $285
  • % of searches: 7.28

While this is the #9 game in terms of price, it's nearly the leader (#2) in terms of search volume - the Steelers are #3 at 5.8, every other NFL team is under 5%.

It's interesting to see Cowboys ticket prices not near the front the pack for home openers this year.

5) Dallas Cowboys at New York Jets, Week 1 - Sun (9/11)

  • Average ticket price: $384
  • % of searches: 4.05

This one is somewhat of a surprise; at $384 for an average ticket, the Jets home opener is the fourth most expensive of the bunch.

It's usually the case that Giants Cowboys tickets are in high demand, so it's interesting to see that New York's other team getting so excited about playing Dallas.

4) Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens, Week 1 - Sun (9/11)

  • Average ticket price: $387
  • % of searches: 2.82%

Regional rivalries are usually a big draw, especially in this region. Search volume for Baltimore Ravens tickets is relatively low at less than 3%, but the $387 average ticket price is second only to our #1 game...

3) Seattle Seahawks at Pittsburgh Steelers, Week 2 - Sun (9/18)

  • Average ticket price: $305
  • % of searches: 5.80%

It looks like Pittsburgh fans are ready to jump back into things after last year's impressive Super Bowl run; Steelers tickets are #3 in terms of search volume.

2) Chicago Bears at New Orleans Saints, Week 2 - Sun (9/18)

  • Average ticket price: $386
  • % of searches: 4.87%

Saints ticket prices have been historically strong for quite some time (even more so since their Super Bowl win), and fans are jumping at the chance to see them take on the playoff-contending bears.

1) New Orleans Saints at Green Bay Packers, Week 1 - Thurs (9/8)

  • Average ticket price: $464
  • % of searches: 9.42%

This game is far and away the most demanded amongst the home openers, and Packers tickets are the most-searched in the entire NFL - unsurprising, they are the defending Super Bowl Champions.

This is also the first game of the 2011-2012 NFL season, and, of course, an epic matchup between two of the most dominant teams in recent history.

Who came out on top in the NFL lockout?

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