Here's The Top LinkedIn Tip From One Of Its Long-Time Product Managers

LinkedInGyanda Sachdeva

Gyanda Sachdeva has been at LinkedIn for five years, and working as a product manager for most of that time. Naturally, she’s a LinkedIn whiz, and in a recent interview she shared her favourite tip for members: Make the most of the “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” tool.

“Yes, it’s fun to see the people who are checking you out, but it can also be a powerful networking vehicle,” she says.

If you notice that someone has viewed your profile, it gives you an “easy in” for reaching out to them.

“For example, if you notice a recruiter of a company you’re interested in has visited your page, you have a warm lead to reach out to them and follow up on possible opportunities,” she says. “The same idea applies for customer acquisition or hiring candidates.”

Sachdeva leads LinkedIn’s premium subscription products team. If you’re a premium subscriber, you can see a full list of who has viewed your product over the last 90 days.  

“You can get a very good sense of how you’re being perceived in the ecosystem,” Sachdeva says. “You’ll notice trends in the types of people that are viewing your profile and you can make changes to your profile if you realise you’re not catching the attention of your desired audience.”

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