The Top Cop Who Blew The Whistle On Bo Xilai Is About To Be Charged With Treason

bo xilaiBo Xilai

Photo: Feng Li / Getty Images

Another weird twist to the Bo Xilai scandal here, and yet another one that illuminates the very different way Chinese authorities like to handle their scandals.The South China Morning Post reports that Wang Lijun, the former Chongqing police chief who fled to the US Embassy early this year and thus helped start the investigation into Neil Heywood’s death, will be charged with treason.

The hope is apparently to wrap up the case before the upcoming party congress, a five-yearly meeting that is one of China’s most important political events. There have been reports that the congress may have to be delayed due to the fallout from the Bo case.

“In a bid to have both cases wrapped up before the party congress, relevant departments are at present sparing no effort and racing against the clock,” a source told the English-language paper.

(h/t Reuters)

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