Here Are The 7 Best Ads In Google's New Digital Campaign Showcase

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Google recently launched what it hopes will be a hub for creative minds in the advertising world: the Creative Sandbox.According to the site, which was designed by AKQA, agencies have the opportunity to showcase “marketing campaigns that blend creative genius with digital innovation” by uploading their work, explaining their inspiration, what digital platforms they used (be it YouTube or Google rival, Facebook), how they did it technically, and why it worked.

Users then vote on whether the campaigns were smart (blue), cool (green), or fun (yellow), and the highest rated rise to the top. We picked the top seven here.

It’s difficult not to compare this platform to Facebook Studio, a creative showcase that launched last April, in which agencies submit creative campaigns that did notably well on the social media site — which advertisers are constantly trying to figure out. (Agency bigwigs then voted on the best campaigns for the Facebook Studio Awards)

But while Facebook Studio is more of a tool specifically for Facebook—Facebook told us that some brands even hire agencies based on their displayed on Facebook Studio—Google’s Creative Sandbox is more of a free-for-all in which agencies can share all forms of digital work, even those that weren’t on Google technology.

Creative Sandbox seems like more of a jam session in which creative shops and technology-based minds can begin to understand one another.

7. Band-Aid Magic Vision by JWT New York

Using augmented reality, Band-Aid created an app that allows parents and kids to scan a Band-Aid with their phones and be rewarded with a tête-à-tête with the muppets. Scan the Band-Aid, and you get Miss Piggy posing for paparazzi, Gonzo doing a stunt, or Kermit singing The Rainbow Connection.

Tech Used: Video (YouTube), Social, Mobile, Webb/Apps

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Here are the stats:

6. Chevy Sonic Integration by Goodby Silverstein & Partners, Slim Pictures, Motion Theory.

In an attempt to make people say 'F--k I want one!' (their words, not ours), Chevy and company decided to woo first-time car buyers by showing the Sonic do really cool stunts ... like free falling 14,000 feet. According to Creative Sandbox, 'Every Sonic First used a combination of online film, interactive OOH and digital events to hook and engage Millennials.'

Tech used: Videos (YouTube), Social (Facebook/Twitter/Spotify), Display (Doubleclick Rich Media), Webb/Apps (

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Here are the stats:

5. / Projeqt by TBWA Worldwide

'This all started out as a brief to redo an agency website. The solution was to create a tight sandbox for a large network to play in.' Projeqt allows users to incorporate YouTube videos, RSS feeds, Google Maps, Spotify Playlists, etc. into presentations.

Tech used: Video (YouTube/Vimeo/Tudou), Social (Google+/Facebook/Foursquare/Pinterest/etc), Mobile (Android/iOS), Geo APIs, Web/Apps

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Here are the stats:

4. BMW France's Face City by JWT Paris

Users upload their photo from Facebook or online that would generates their very own 'Face City.' A BMW 1 Series then drives the user around the unique streets of said Face City while playing the his or her music preferences (as indicated by Facebook profiles).

Tech used: Social (Facebook), Webb/Apps (Flash), Display (DoubleClick Rich Media, Google Display Network).

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Here are the stats:

3. Band of Bridges by Goodby Silverstein & Partners, Famous Interactive

This project for Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy celebrates bridges--big and small, famous and obscure--in honour of the Golden Gate's 75th birthday. Using the Google Maps API, people were able to find their personal favourite bridge and connect it to images of other users' bridges.

Tech used: Social, Geo APIs, Display, Web/Apps

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Here are the stats:

2. Only Jeans by UncleGrey, North Kingdom

UncleGrey created an interactive film called The Liberation for Only Jeans. Any time the video was paused, the visible clothing on the screen could be singled out, liked, tweeted, pinned, and purchased.

Tech used: Video (YouTube) and Commerce.

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Here are the stats:

1. Pencils of Promise by AKQA

AKQA launched Pencils of Promise to raise awareness and support for global education by auctioning goods to raise money for schools.

Tech used: Video (YouTube), Social, Search, and Commerce.

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