The top 5 challenges of living in Sydney

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Most Sydneysiders are unconvinced that living in the big city is a good idea.

But they don’t know much about their city – about two-thirds have no idea how many people actually live in Sydney.

The demographers McCrindle surveyed 1,007 Sydneysiders in August on attitudes and sentiments on the future of Sydney, its population size and growth, infrastructure, planning, the house price boom and the challenges of living there.

The survey identified the challenges of living in Sydney:

  • Cost of living (73%)
  • Cost of housing (59%)
  • Traffic and commute times (52%)
  • Job/employment (29%)
  • Pace and stress of life (29%)

Almost 1 in 5 (18%) think Sydney’s population is 2 million or less, more than a third (37%) think it is 3 million or less and only one-third (35%) correctly identify Sydney’s population as being close to 5 million.

But most (68%) agree Sydney’s population growth is faster than they are comfortable with.

And more than 4 in 5 believe that the public transport, roads, hospitals and infrastructure is not keeping up with population growth, with almost half (47%) saying it is nowhere near keeping up.

Sydneysiders don’t think the current house price growth is being driven by first home buyers or owner occupiers but rather by overseas investors (81%).

Sydney residents are pessimistic about the current realities and future forecasts.

Half of all Sydneysiders (50%) say Sydney is worse now than five years ago and will be even worse in five years’ time.

The challenges of living in the big city are such that two-thirds (66%) have considered moving out Sydney. Almost a quarter (23%) say they have seriously considered it.

Source: McCrindle

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