The 25 Skills Most Likely To Get You A Job In Australia This Year

Getty/Joe Raedle

The most in-demand skills in Australia in 2014, based on hiring and recruiting activity on LinkedIn, are associated with big data, science, engineering and mathematics.

LinkedIn analysed the skills and experience data of its 330 million members worldwide, including more than six million members in Australia.

The analysis identifies the skill categories belonging to members who either changed employer or appeared in a recruiter’s search during 2014.

The key findings for Australia:

STEM and data
Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) skills dominate the Australian top 25, particularly those relating to data storage, retrieval and analysis as organisations across a broad range of industries seek to harness big data.

Speak the language
“Foreign language translation” came in at number 23, demonstrating the increasingly global nature of business.

Rising confidence
There are also signs of increasing economic confidence as organisations increase talent acquisition resources, with “recruiting” coming in at number 10.

The top 25 skills list for Australia:

1. Statistical Analysis and Data Mining
2. Middleware and Integration Software
3. SAP ERP Systems
4. Storage Systems and Management
5. SEO/SEM Marketing
6. Business Intelligence
7. Mobile Development
8. Perl/Python/Ruby
9. Network and Information Security
10. Recruiting
11. Java Development
12. Non-Profit, Fundraising, and Grant Making
13. Computer Graphics and Animation
14. Web Architecture and Development Framework
15. Data Engineering and Data Warehousing
16. HR Benefits and Compensation
17. C/C++
18. User Interface Design
19. Marketing Campaign Management
20. Software QA and User Testing
21. Economics
22. Mac, Linux and Unix Systems
23. Foreign Language Translation
24. Database Management and Software
25. Social Media Marketing

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