The Top 21 Tactics Used By Australians To Manage Stress

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The annual the Stress and Wellbeing in Australia survey 2014, conducted by the Australian Psychological Society, has been released.

The results of the survey of 1,602 people shows the stresses of modern life haven’t eased at all.

Those surveyed reported a range of activities to manage stress.

Watching TV or movies (87%), spending time with friends or family (83%), listening to music (80%), focusing on the positives (81%) and reading (76%) remain the most frequently cited strategies used to manage stress.

Similar to previous years’ findings, four in five Australians rated their use of stress management strategies such as doing something relaxing (85%), spending time with friends and/or family (84%), spending time doing a hobby (84%), doing something active (83%), listening to music (82%) and reading (80%) as moderately to highly effective.

Compared to last year’s findings, significantly more Australians rated their use of stress management strategies of eating something (59% 2014 vs. 55% 2013), doing something relaxing (85% 2014 vs. 81% 2013) and visiting social networking sites (57% 2014 vs. 51% 2013) as moderately to highly effective this year.

Here are the tactics ranked in order of effectiveness:

Source: Australian Psychological Society

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