The Top 20 Most Valuable Australian Sports Brands

Ryan Pierse/Getty

What is the most valuable Australian sports team in terms of branding?

Or look at it another way: if a sports team had to buy their brand from someone, what would they pay?

Experts in the value of branding, Brand Finance and Landor Associates, have come up with a new league table.

And in top place is the Penrith Panthers with a brand valued at $46.2 million.

The Panthers got the high valuation and top spot because it has been so successful in creating a strong business with the elite team.

The NRL and the AFL make up all of the top 20 with a combined brand value of almost half a billion dollars.

But the AFL teams are the big winners overall in terms of volume and engagement with fans.

The study shows 27 per cent of fans interact with AFL more than once a week compared to only 21 per cent for NRL.

There are 6 NRL teams in the top 20 with a total brand value of $151 million.

The AFL has 14 teams and a total brand value of $334 million.

Dominic Walsh, Landor Australia managing Director says: “There’s no doubt that the AFL goes deeper in the Australian Psyche than NRL. This goes back to its unique Australian Heritage.”


  • The combined brand value of NRL clubs in the Top 20 exceeds $150 million in 2013.
  • The Penrith Panthers top the league table with a brand valuation of $46.2 million.
  • The Collingwood Magpies value is $39.1 million but it also received a AAA brand rating, the highest in the table thanks to a loyal fan base and strong performances on the field.
  • The study estimates the Essendon Bombers brand suffered because of the investigation by ASADA. This caused overall brand value to drop an estimated 5 per cent to $24 million.

Here’s the full table in order of valuation:


This is how they calculated the brand valuations. First it is assumed the brand is owned by a third party, which then licenses the brand at arm’s length. The present value of that stream of (hypothetical) royalty payments by the team represents the value of the brand.

Rugby Union, A-League and Big Bash teams were included in the research but only AFL and NRL teams were valuable enough to be featured in the Top 20 Most Valuable Australian Sports Brands.

Landor’s research on teams is a measure of the brand’s relevance, differentiation, knowledge and esteem. There were an equal number of respondents from each Australian region and no team colours/logos were included to ensure minimal noise.