The top 10 performing Australian superannuation growth funds of 2017

EyesWideOpen/Getty Images

Superannuation funds did very well in 2017.

The median growth fund ended up at 10.8%, the sixth consecutive positive annual return and well ahead of the performance targets set by the funds themselves.

AustralianSuper took the top spot with 13.6%, and even the worst performing fund delivered a respectable 7.6%.

Growth funds have a 61% to 80% allocation to growth assets and are the ones in which most Australians are invested.

Here are the top 10 for 2017:

Source: Chant West

Chant West founder Warren Chant says growth funds have now delivered six straight positive calendar year returns, averaging more than 10% a year.

“The last time we saw such a long sequence of positive returns was between 1995 and 2001,” he says.

The 2017 return of 10.8% is the best result since 2013 when funds surged 17.2%. It is also more than 5% ahead of the typical long-term return objective for that category which is CPI + 3.5%. With inflation running at about 2%, that translates to a target of about 5.5%.

“Very few people would have predicted such an outstanding result 12 months ago,” he says.

“Back then, people were nervous about what Donald Trump’s shock victory might lead to. And that was only months after Europe was thrown into turmoil by the surprise Brexit vote.

“However, despite all the uncertainty, share markets around the world took it in their stride as investors focused on the improving global economy.”