The top 10 people the Karen Stocks loves to follow, and why

Photo: Karen Stocks/ LinkedIn.

Karen Stocks knows a thing or two about Australian technology businesses.

She has been director of products and solutions with Google Asia Pacific, general manager of Service Strategy with Vodafone, and just spent three years as managing director of Twitter Australia.

So asked her was who were her favourite people to follow on the social media platform.

Here’s who she said and why, in no particular order.

• Lee Lin Chin: @LeeLinChinSBS

“She’s a great laugh and brings a unique sense of humour in such a refreshing way.”

• Josie Janz-Dawson: @Josiejanz

“I love my netball, so this one won’t surprise people. I love to follow Josie, not just because she is a netballer but I also enjoy getting updates on the great work she does in her community.”

• Adam Bain: @adambain

“As Twitter’s COO, you get the passion and energy from HQ through his Tweets.”

• Katie Mack: @AstroKatie

“Through Katie’s Tweets I get to follow and understand a whole side of the universe I normally don’t get to see.”

• Jimmy Barnes: @JimmyBarnes

“I’m a child of the 80s and my favourite song is Bow River. Jimmy is open on the platform and his passion for causes and family is something I enjoy following.”

• Pip Marlow: @pipms

“As a fellow female leader in tech, I love the support she gives women and commentary she provides on diversity and inclusion.”

• Turia Pitt: @TuriaPitt

“Turia is an inspiration who has overcome so much to be an example for others on living life with a positive attitude.”

• Todd Greenberg: @Todd_Greenberg

“He engages and connects with NRL fans in a really open way.”

• Andy Penn: @andy_penn

“Andy has really humanised his role as CEO by showing a different and personal side of himself. He has developed a strong selfie game on Twitter, particularly his recent selfie photobombing the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull at the NRL Grand Final.”

• Rosi Thomas: @1RosieThomas

“Rosie does some great work through her organisation PROJECTROCKIT in challenging youth and presenting diverse perspectives to spark thought-starters and debates.”

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