The 10 most powerful people in Australia

Stefan Postles/Getty Images

The Australian Financial Review today released its annual Power List.

Malcolm Turnbull, who successfully grabbed the job of prime minister from Tony Abbott, is in first place on the overt power rankings.

Second is Mike Baird, the very popular premier of New South Wales, followed by Julie Bishop, the foreign minister and deputy Liberal Party leader who backed Turnbull in his bid for power.

The top 10:

  • Malcolm Turnbull, prime minister
  • Mike Baird, premier of NSW
  • Julie Bishop, foreign minister and deputy leader of the parliamentary Liberal Party
  • The 39 Liberal backbench MPs, for their ability to depose and appoint prime ministers
  • The Senate crossbench, which wields their voting power to gain concessions from the big parties
  • Scott Morrison, the now federal treasurer and the most influential centre-right figure
  • Glenn Stevens, the governor of the Reserve Bank, who has enormous influence on the economy
  • Bill Shorten, Labor Leader and Leader of the Opposition
  • Catherine Livingstone, chair of Telstra, president of the Business Council of Australia
  • Richard di Natale, Leader of the Australian Greens

The full lists are HERE.

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