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The top 10 most desirable job skills in every state of Australia

Photo: Scott Barbour/ Getty Images.

Looking to boost your employability?

Online marketplace for recruitment Search Party recently released the top ten skills employers were looking for in every Australian state this year.

The most sought after specialist skills were accountancy, sales, business development, contract management and mentoring.

CEO of Search Party Ben Hutt says that the shift to “soft” skills such as “business development, sales and contract management” from “hard” skills including “machine (e.g. forklift) operation and cooking” has been crucial especially with innovation high on the government agenda.

“New and emerging jobs such as data scientists and user experience (UX) designers will be highly popular in 2016,” says Hutt.

“Data scientists will be in high demand due to the increasing availability of consumer data and the rise of truly powerful machine learning. Companies are getting more sophisticated with how they use data and it is defining business success.

“UX Designers will be in high demand because in our ever increasingly digital world, interaction design is becoming more and more important as brands engage consumers from slick websites to integrated brand engagement across wearable devices.”

If you’re just getting into the workforce or are looking for a career change, here are the skills to take note of.

New South Wales

Photo: Oli Scarff/Getty Images.

1. Accountancy
2. Sales
3. Business Development
4. Contract Management
5. Key Performance Indicators
6. Mentoring
7. SAP
8. Administrative Support
9. Collaboration
10. Repair


Photo: Joerg Koch/Getty Images.

1. Mentoring
2. Sales
3. Accountancy
4. Business Development
5. Key Performance Indicators
6. Contract Management
7. Policy Development
8. Store Management
9. Administrative Support
10. First Aid


Photo: Sean Gallup/Getty Images.

1. Accountancy
2. Sales
3. Contract Management
4. Business Development
5. Mentoring
6. Repair
7. Key Performance Indicators
8. Procurement
9. SAP
10. Data Entry

South Australia

Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images.

1. Accountancy
2. Sales
3. Repair
4. Screening
5. Business Development
6. Contract Management
7. Store Management
8. Merchandising
9. Cleaning
10. Data Entry

Western Australia

Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images.

1. Repair
2. Accountancy
3. Contract Management
4. Business Development
5. Forklift Operation
6. SAP
7. Sales
8. Key Performance Indicators
9. Screening
10. Store Management

Northern Territory


1. Contract Management
2. Repair
3. Merchandising
4. Store Management
5. Accountancy
6. Business Development
7. Key Performance Indicators
8. Forklift Operation
9. SAP
10. Procurement


Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images.

1. Health and Human Services
2. Mentoring
3. Policy Development
4. Repair
5. Accountancy
6. Student Learning Outcomes
7. Business Development
8. Administrative Support
9. Store Management
10. Sales

Australian Capital Territory

Photo: Shutterstock.

1. Contract Management
2. Procurement
3. Accountancy
4. Administrative Support
5. Business Development
6. Business Analysis
7. SAP
9. Business Process
10. Mentoring

How Australia compares to the US and UK.

Photo: Supplied.

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