The Top 10 Industries To Find Jobs During A Recession

Starting a small business or transitioning between jobs during a recession can be a risky move.

While no industry can guarantee stability these have demonstrated their resilience providing the most opportunities for steady income and employment as the economy recovers.

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No matter what's going on, people still get sick and injured. Some studies have also shown that healthcare needs increase during recession due to the associated stress.

Repair Services

Computers, cars, jewelry, houses. If it can be fixed, people will choose repairs over buying new replacements to save money.

Staffing Services

During times of economic uncertainty, companies hedge their bets with temps rather than commit to hiring more long-term employees.


Even in economic decline, people want the best education for their children. Supplemental learning centres, tutoring services, and test preparation franchises are all good bets.

Senior Care

Home care services are growing fast. These typically non-medical services offer an excellent alternative to expensive retirement centres for seniors who are still in good health.

Business Services

From payroll to PR, companies save money by outsourcing services rather than paying full-time staff.


This is one business that improves when the economy slips. During these times, coupons are equally attractive to both upper- and lower-income shoppers.

Debt Settlement

With personal debt at an all-time high, demand in the debt settlement industry is as great as it's ever been.

Resale Shops

From sporting goods to designer duds, consignment shops offer a win-win scenario for shoppers and sellers alike. Already a $12 billion industry, the resale industry is expected to grow 5% this year while many major retailers take a tumble.

Property Management

A good property management company can protect the owners' investments during dicey times. It doesn't matter if real estate is selling or not--the only time property management could suffer is if the population lowers.

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