The 10 best ice cream shops in America, according to TripAdvisor

It’s time to start lickin’ your way through the last weeks of summer.

TripAdvisor recently released its “Inside Scoop on the Top Ice Cream Shops in the U.S.,” ranking the top 10 best ice cream shops in the country.

From gourmet flavours in Santa Barbara, California to a Scottish-owned shop with an Italian secret in Maryland, here are best places to order a scoop in America.

10. Brown Dog Ice Cream | Cape Charles, VA

Facebook/Brown Dog Ice Cream

Brown Dog Ice Cream is named after a playful chocolate lab, named Foster, who loves children and ice cream. Staff members brainstorm new flavour ideas and test each one before serving to ensure perfect. Flavours can include blueberry lavender, mocha Scotch chip, and an avocado-based ice cream with strawberries, lime, and jalapeños known as Poncho Verde.

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9. Woodside Farm Creamery | Hockessin, DE

Yelp/Yin D.

Woodside Farm makes premium ice cream using fresh milk from its own cows. While the farm dates back to 1796, the creamery didn't open until 1998. The thing to try here is the bacon-flavored ice cream, which was once featured on Food Network's 'Unwrapped.'

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8. Brickley's Ice Cream | Narragansett, RI

A true family business, Brickley's is the brainchild of owner Chris and his wife. Their children often work behind the counter, as do Chris' siblings. Even the nephews help out when their careers permit.

The shop offers over 45 different flavours of ice cream, frozen yogurt, no-sugar added ice cream, sherbets, and sorbet -- all made on site at the Narragansett location.

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7. Martha's Dandee Crème | Queensbury, NY

Facebook/Martha's Dandee Creme

Originally a 100-acre chicken farm, Martha's history spans over six decades. After the amusement park Six Flags owned it for 10 years, the restaurant and ice cream shop returned to its family roots. With new flavours added daily, Mocha, Pistachio, and Raspberry Chocolate Twist are a few favourites. Make sure to check the flavour calendar before you go.

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6. Island Creamery | Chincoteague Island, VA

Facebook/Island Creamery

The secret to Island Creamery's decadent ice cream is its all-natural, 17% butterfat mix from Lancaster County cows. Flavours range from plain chocolate to bourbon caramel crunch, a vanilla ice cream base with a hint of Virginia Gentlemen Bourbon, Heath Bar pieces, and caramel swirls. Meanwhile, the strawberry is made with local strawberries and the cookie dough is jam-packed with homemade cookie dough.

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5. Scottish Highland Creamery | Oxford, MD

Foursqure/Karena D.

Owner Victor Barlow grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland above a family-owned Italian ice cream parlor. After becoming manager of the shop, he is the only man outside of the family to learn its secret recipes. At his own Oxford, Maryland shop, Barlow still uses ingredients imported from Italy. Popular flavours include Mexican vanilla, tiramisu, and mascarpone.

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3. Dietsch Brothers Inc. | Findlay, OH

Facebook/Dietsch Brothers Fine Chocolates and Ice Cream

Dietsch Brothers Inc. has been serving scoops for over 70 years. The shop serves year-round and seasonal ice cream, sherbet, and sugar-free options. Popular flavours include lime sherbet, toffee caramel crunch, moose tracks, mint chocolate chip, butter pecan, and plain vanilla, which is the best-seller.

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2. Bellvale Farms Creamery | Warwick, NY

Foursquare/Jackie G.

Open seasonally from April through October, Bellvale Creamery features 50 homemade ice cream flavours served in a cup, cone, or homemade waffle cone. Here you'll find a mix of basic flavours and specialty creations like Black Dirt Blast, a chocolate-coffee ice cream with fudge and toffee pieces.

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1. Harborwalk Scoops and Bites Ice Cream | Punta Gorda, FL

Yelp/Ron T.

This Charlotte Harbour shop steals first place for its delicious product and fabulous views. Of the 22 homemade flavours, rum-raising, Kit-Kat crunch, and coffee chip are among the must-trys. The milk shakes, banana splits, and Brazilian coffee are also popular orders.

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