The Tony Abbott Photo-Bomber Just Posted A Video From The Liberals' Victory Function

Stokes on stage with Abbott and family before being tackled by security. Photo: Getty

The activist who photo-bombed Tony Abbott’s victory speech at the Four Seasons Hotel in Sydney has posted a video showing some snippets of his time at the Liberal Party function to YouTube.

“Thank you very much Tony, thank you very much. It’s a great day for us all. I’m going to get in there and help you to,” Fregmonto Stokes, otherwise know as “Twiggy Palmcock,” is heard to say.

Stokes, or “Palmcock,” is an environmental activist who poses as a young mining entrepreneur, drumming up support for outrageous, fictional projects such as a mine in the Melbourne suburb of Toorak.

Business Insider spoke to Stokes after his now-infamous stage invasion. He said the stunt was aimed at highlighting what he perceives to be an increase in coal mining to be expected under an Abbott government.

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