The Tilt Shift Photos In This Wireless Ad Make Alaska Look Like A Diorama

Alaska CommunicationsA still from Alaska Communications’ diorama campaign.

Photo: Alaska Communications

Last year, Alaska Communications Systems ran a TV campaign featuring a spokesperson standing behind a diorama of the entire state. The wireless company was trying to make the point that its communications services make even the largest state in the U.S. feel small.Now, ACS’s ad agency, Vitro, has taken the concept one step further by shooting a new commercial using the tilt-shift technique, in which the camera’s lens is manipulated to make the depth of field appear more extreme than it is. The result is that virtually everything shot in tilt shift ends up looking like a diorama built for a model train set—even a state as massive as Alaska.

The agency sent us some before-and-after stills from the shoot.

This is what downtown Anchorage actually looks like ...

But in tilt-shift, it looks like this.

Here's a typical neighbourhood ...

... which looks like a model train set in the campaign.

Here are a few more tilt-shift shots of the same neighbourhood ...

That woman is mowing her lawn.

This is the Bear Paw Festival at Eagle River.

This is the massive Mendenhall glacier.

See how tilt shift cuts it down to size.

This tramway cable car is on Mount Roberts in Juneau ...

Hard to believe it's more than 3,000 feet long.

Here's an ACS worker keeping the lines working.

And here's his diorama counterpart.

This cargo ship in Anchorage ...

... looks like it could fit in your bathtub.

Here's a radio tower at Eagle River.


A (tiny) sea plane takes off in Juneau.

Who knows how big this cruise ship in Juneau really is.

Or this open-cast mine.

Here's the whole ad.

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