The Tiger Line: Gamblers Set Tiger's Divorce Settlement Set Between $100-$500 Million

tiger woods elin nordegren

We know that Wall Street traders have been betting on how many Tiger ladies are going to come out. But that’s not the only betting going on.

Punters at Ireland’s popular site have set the line at $500 million for how much Tiger will ultimately pay out to Elin.

If you believe in the predictive power of market odds, here’s what we’ve got as of now.


Tiger & Elin’s divorce settlement?
6/4   Under $100m
1/2   $100m – $500m
25/1  Over $500m

Who will sponsor Tiger next?
4/1    Ambien
6/1    John Player
8/1    Red Bull
8/1    Autoglass
10/1   Playboy
10/1   Esso
12/1   Nescafe
12/1   Pfizer
14/1   Berocca
14/1   Jaguar
16/1   Adidas
18/1   Reebok
20/1   Coke
25/1   Durex
33/1   Penthouse
50/1   Readers Wives
100/1 Spearmint Rhino
500/1 Fire service

Next sponsor to drop Tiger?
11/8   AT&T
9/4    Gillette
7/2    TLC Laser Eye centres
6/1    Upper Deck
8/1    NetJets
10/1   Electronic Arts
16/1   Golf Digest
33/1   Nike
40/1   Titleist

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