The Terrible Tablet Tsunami And The Future Of Computing

IDC just issued a press releaseupdating their expectations for tablet shipments. Here are their numbers, year by year:

2010: 19.5 million tablet shipments.
2011: 69.6 million tablet shipments.
2012: 107.4 million estimated tablet shipments.
2016: 222.1 million estimated tablet shipments.

When looking at the above numbers, you need to keep two things in mind:

1) These numbers DO NOT include the anticipated shipments of Windows RT and Windows 8 tablets. If Microsoft has its way, that’s a lot of missing tablets. Further, IDC expects the coming Windows tablet shipments to be ADDITIVE to their existing tablet estimates.

2) IDC has consistently UNDERESTIMATED the number of tablet shipments in each of its previous forecasts. By a lot.

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