The Terminator was busted for not wearing a helmet cycling around Melbourne, but not fined

Arnold Schwarzenegger cycling around Melbourne and meeting the locals yesterday. Source: Facebook.

Keen cyclist and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger took to Melbourne’s CBD on a bike yesterday afternoon, having spent the weekend playing celebrity interviewer at the Formula One Grand Prix over the weekend.

But as Business Insider worried yesterday when we noticed he wasn’t wearing a helmet, as required by law in Victoria, would The Terminator get busted?

Fairfax Media reports, the former governor of California was indeed spotted breaking the law and senior constable Robert Gillson pulled over and spoke to a 67-year-old American man in Southbank about 2.30pm following a “routine intercept” of a group of cyclists.

“He was very likeable and very approachable,” the senior constable told Fairfax, who said he spoke to the action star briefly and explained the reason he was being pulled up.

Schwarzenegger escaped the $146 fine, with the officer using his discretionary power to send him to a convenience store to buy a helmet.

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