The 10 Web Clips That Shaped The Election

The real winner of the 2008 presidential election? Web video. According to metrics from TubeMogul, ViralVideoChart, YouTube and the New York Times the following 10 campaign-related videos have been viewed 71 million times.

“Yes We Can” by has been viewed 13,215,488 times, according to TubeMogul. ViralVideoChart says its been written about in 6,667 blog posts and 106,438 comments.

“Vote Different,” a take-off on Apple’s 1984 Super Bowl commercial has 5,495,046 views across the Internet, according to TubeMogul.

This video, taken at a rally in Ohio and called “The McCain-Palin Mob,” notched 1,775,973 views, 751 blog posts and 38,086 comments before today, according to ViralVideoChart.

John McCain’s TV commercial, “Celeb,” which compares Barack Obama to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton,  has  2,154,560 views. This reponse from Paris Hilton on Funny Or Die? 7,999,873 views.

Obama’s “Keating Economics” documentary totals 2,135,783 views across multiple sites, says TubeMogul.

In “Dear Mr. Obama,” a veteran explains his critical view of Obama’s foreign policies. 11,064,383 YouTube viewers have heard him out.

“I gotta crush on Obama” introduced the world to “Obama Girl,” who, it turns out, doesn’t vote. The video has 10,322,735 views.

Barack Obama appearence on talk show “Ellen,”  is the Obama campaign’s second most-popular official video at 2,653,675 views.

Budweiser last ran a “Wassup” ad in 2000. This reunion video, uploaded to YouTube on October 24, 2008, already has 3,176,075 views, 1,114 blog posts about itand 8,823 comments.

You might not think Tina Fey’s debut impersonation of Sarah Palin on SNL is really a “Web” clip at all, but it’s  been viewed 14 million times online — a larger group than SNL’s TV audience.

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