The 10 Most Popular Digits In The New Prime Number [RANKED]

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There’s a new prime number on the block, and everyone is itching to get to know it. Even though the text file came in at a whopping 25 megabytes, we actually counted the number of instances in the newest identified Prime.

Coming in at a mighty 17,425,170 digits, it wasn’t an easy task. Still, the most popular number will definitely surprise you. 

[As for methodology, the way we did it is we loaded the number into 10 different browser tabs, and then Control+F’d each digit to get a count of how many times it occurred.]

#10: Five — 1,739,643 occurrences

#9: Zero — 1,739,653 occurrences

#8: Two — 1,739,848 occurrences

#7: Six — 1,742,681 occurrences

#6: Eight — 1,743,300 occurrences

#5: Seven — 1,743,438 occurrences

#4: One — 1,743,505

#3: Four — 1,743,531 occurrences

#2: Nine — 1,743,998 occurrences

#1: Three — 1,745,603 occurrences!

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