The Ten Hot Spots For Youth Unemployment In Australia

Dancer Mathieu Hernandez from the group ‘Asphalte’. Photo: Getty

The charts and tables below demonstrate where the rising jobless rate is hitting hardest, among the young.

Youth unemployment represents just under 40% of all unemployment in Australia.

In other words, more than one in three unemployed is young, aged between 15 and 24.

The unemployment rate for youth is now more than 12%, twice that of the national average, as this chart shows:

Chart by Business Insider Australia.

The Brotherhood of St Lawrence says: “The global financial crisis has had a scarring impact on the job prospects of Australia‚Äôs young people.”

Here’s where unemployed youths are concentrated in Australia:

And here’s the rate by state:

The Brotherhood of St Laurence has launched a campaign to bring attention to the rising crisis of youth unemployment in Australia:

Here’s one story:

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