The 10 Best TV Commercials, According To Facebook Users

We say that Facebook could make billions selling marketers data about its users. For now though, advertisers will have to settle for gleaning information from a new Facebook app called Ad Battle. Brought to you by Facebook widgetmaker Buddy Media and interactive agency Atmosphere BBDO, it asks users to compare two TV commercials and vote for their favourite. 

Creative directors, pay attention. Here are the 10 favourite TV commercials of all those rich, young, impressionable Facebook users you’d like to introduce to your brand.

Schweppes Burst slow motion balloons Ad

Apple “Get a Mac” ad: Bean Counter

Nike Courage Commercial (I’ve Got Soul But I’m Not A Soldier)

Pepsi Commercial – Godfather Girl

2007 Super Bowl Commercials – Bud Light, Apes

Nintendo commercial

Fed Ex Superbowl Commercial

Nike “Fate” Leave Nothing commercial w/ LT & Polamalu

BMW Commercial

Sony Bravia

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