The Ten Best Quotes From Ex-Grazia Editor Amy Molloy's Astonishing Article About Her Success

Amy Molloy/Instagram

Amy Molloy, the ex-editor of the now-folded fashion magazine Grazia Australia has penned a tell-all article for The Daily Mail, in which she tells readers she wishes she could be a little less awesome.

We’ve pulled out the ten best quotes, but you can read the full piece here. Warning: cringe alert …

1. “It’s hard being a lonely and joyless high-achiever. I wish I could be mediocre.”

2. “As a child, I remember thriving on feeling superior to my classmates.”

3. “I got my first job as soon as I graduated, working at a national newspaper, and was repeatedly promoted until I was the editor of a leading fashion magazine by the time I turned 28.

“I also set myself the goal of having a book published by 30 and beat my target, signing a publishing deal at 23 for a sum large enough to get me on the property ladder.

4. “Being successful is torturous. It’s isolating — you lose weekends, holidays and (if you’re not careful) your social life.”

5. “Some people can struggle to be around the super-successful. They think I’m looking down on them and maybe sometimes, subconsciously, I am.”

6. “Dinner with my scatty, jobless friend is often the only night out on my calendar.”

7. “Maybe I would have formed allegiances in the workplace if I hadn’t been fast-tracked up the career ladder so quickly.”

8. “I earn more money than I need. In theory, I could cut down on my workload and still pay my mortgage.”

9. “It’s rare that I have genuine fun and the closest I get to relaxing is reading a magazine for research.”

10. “Now that I’m a freelance writer, my ambitions have no boundaries.”

Here the link to the full article. Read it and bask in your failures.

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