The Tamagotchi is back, and will hit shelves in Australia next month

David Cheskin – PA Images/ PA Images via Getty Images

The Tamagotchi is 20 years old this year, and it’s back. Not only is it back, but it’s back in Australia too, from November.

Alongside a re-release in Japan and the United States, Bandai Namco Entertainment will bring the Tamagotchi back to Australia “through most toy and collector stores”, according to the company. In November you’ll be able to pick up the pocket-sized monster for $24.95. There’ll be six different egg-shaped shells, each with six different Tamagotchi characters inside to choose from.

There’ll be a limited run of the new toy, although stock levels aren’t locked in just yet; considering Bandai sold 82 million of the original Tamagotchi, I’m thinking nostalgia might make it popular — at least for a while.

This article was originally published by Gizmodo Australia. Read the original here.

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