The Taiwan News Animators Just Launched Their Amazing Take On The End Of Whaling

Next Media Animation – the news group which found fame with a hilarious take on Tiger Woods’ marriage breakup – has weighed in brilliantly on the saga of Japanese whaling.

It comes complete with Ninjas and Samurai warriors, and put the proposition that we now need to free fish from tanks and aquariums.

Japan this week agreed to abide by an International Court of Justice ruling, brought about by a legal challenge from Australia, that it cease whaling.

Commercial whaling has been banned since 1986 but Japan continue to take whales from the Antarctic, claiming that this was a scientific program.

The animators say that groups such as animal rights organisation PETA and environmental activists Sea Shepherd may now have serious fund raising problems if Japan really does stop whaling.

“These brave TV may whale savers be forced to liberate captives from Seaworld,” the animators say.

Watch the animation here. It’s in Chinese but there are English subtitles.

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