The tactic of pre-drinking before a night out isn't confined to Australian teenagers

Marco Di Lauro/Getty Images

Australian teenagers and university students aren’t the only ones getting a head start on festivities before they go out.

Pre-drinking, or pre-loading, the practice of drinking cheaper alcohol at home before a night out at bars, is prolific across four continents among 16 to 35 year olds, according to the latest research.

A study of drinking practices in 25 countries shows that more than half those surveyed pre-drink before a night out.

“Pre-drinking appears to be a worldwide phenomenon,” write the researchers.

The greatest percentage of pre-drinkers was in English-speaking and Nordic countries.

Ireland tops the list at 85.4% and the lowest Greece at 17.7%. Australia has an estimated 64% pre-loading and New Zealand 79%.

The research found that countries with higher levels of drinking in general also had higher percentage of pre-drinkers.

The authors say this suggests that pre-drinking is affected by the same cultural tendency to drink that underpins alcohol use in the general population.

The research as published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Review.

Here’s where Australia sits in the world for pre-drinking:

Source: Drug and Alcohol Review

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