Student media startup The Tab is making people redundant less than 3 months after it raised $3 million

The Tab founders George Marangos­-Gilks, left, and Jack Rivlin.The TabThe Tab founders George Marangos¬≠-Gilks, left, and Jack Rivlin.

Online student media startup The Tab laid off at least six people at the start of the month, Business Insider understands.

The Tab, which employs around 50 people, has made more than one assistant editor redundant, along with two people on the creative team, and an employee who works in PR. The Tab declined to comment on this story when contacted by Business Insider.

The news comes less than three months after The Tab raised $3 million (£2.1 million) from a range of investors including venture capital firm Balderton, which has also backed social media site Bebo, urban navigation app Citymapper, and movie streaming site LoveFilm.

Founded at Cambridge University in 2009 by George Marangos­-Gilks and Jack Rivlin as a student news site, The Tab has evolved into a network of online student papers across the country, with over 40 university-specific websites across Britain. The Tab’s sites got 10 million hits and had 3 million readers in November 2016, according to executive editor Joshi Herrmann, who spoke to Business Insider at the time of the funding announcement.

The Tab said it was planning to use the $3 million it raised to help it expand into the US. The company opened an office in New York in September and already has 25 regional university sites.

Many of The Tab’s stories have also gained national attention in the US, including its coverage of US campus protests in November. In the UK, The Tab made headlines after The Sun fell for its April Fool’s joke about BNP leader Nick Griffin and for its “Rear of the Year” competition.

Disclosure: Business Insider holds a partnership with The Tab on its career advisory scheme The Tab Academy.

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