The Sweet Life Of Adam Scott: How Golf's Newest Star Spends His Millions

adam scott girlfriend ana ivanovic

After winning the Masters in dramatic fashion, Adam Scott in finally breaking into the mainstream.

Scott has actually been around for a while.

He has been ranked in the top 10, made $30 million in his career, and dated some high-profile women.

Things will only get better from here.

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First thing's first, Scott is known for his good looks and has a high-profile dating history

He dated tennis player Ana Ivanovic off-and-on for years

He was a frequent spectator at her tournaments before they broke up in January

Source: Daily Telegraph

Whenever he's single, dating rumours pop up. He was linked to Kate Hudson at one point (he says they were just friends)

Source: Daily Mail

And now there are rumours that ABC wants him to be on The Bachelor

He certainly doesn't need the money from ABC. Scott made $10.8 million in 2012

Source: Golf Digest

Some of that (~$4.3 million) came from golf winnings. He has made $30.4 million on tour in his career

Source: Golf Digest

But he makes the real money ($6 million last year) off the course on sponsorships with companies like Mercedes and Uniqlo

Source: Golf Digest

He lives in Cran Sur Sierre in Switzerland, where Sergio Garcia also owns a house

Source: Golf Digest

Living there allows him to escape Australia's ~45% tax rate

He has cut back on his luxurious lifestyle in recent years. Two years ago he sold his $20+ million gulfstream jet

Source: Daily Telegraph

But he stills owns a mint condition 1973 Porsche, he told Golf Digest

Source: Golf Digest

Beyond planes and houses, he likes surfing

Source: Golf Digest

Scott has been golf's 'Next Big Thing' since a young age. His dad is a course designer

Source: Golf Digest

He won the Players Championship at age 23 in 2004

But he failed to win a major for nine years, hitting rock bottom with a meltdown at the British Open last summer

But less than a year later, he's a major champion and ranked No. 3 in the world

And all the girls love him

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