The Swedish makers of this monstrosity say it's the best pizza in the world

The latest buzz about fast food on social media is all about whether this is the best pizza in the world:

The Vulcan. You know you want to. Picture: Nya Gul & Bla/Facebook

It certainly comes with the lot, so no complaining there.

Ham, bacon, pepperoni and Swedish favourite, kebab meat in kebab sauce. Think of it more as an evolution – kebab pizzas are a Swedish invention which delivery company Online Pizza named as the country’s most popular in 2013.

It’s been hard to top, so to speak. But this “Vulcan” – pizza volcano – expands deliciously on the concept.

You can see the extra kebab ingredients in the middle for any kebab pizza lovers wishing to pile up the two corresponding corners. But then there’s a whole other world of meat in the other two corners – and fries.

All for 120 kronor ($23.50). No wonder Swedes are going crazy for it over on the Facebook page of the artists responsible, Nya Gul & BlÄ pizzeria.

“People have started ringing us to order it. We’ve sold quite a few. We’re even getting mail from people all over the country to know where we are and how much one costs,” restaurant owner Halmat Givra told Nyheter24.

Givra said a customer ordered it off the menu, and once the pizzeria posted it on Instagram, requests came flooding in.

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