The supposed 'fake tradie' is a ute-driving metalworker

Photo: Twitter.

#FakeTradie blew up as a hashtag on Twitter yesterday after the Liberal Party rolled out an ad featuring a tradesman in a hi-vis vest on a building site saying “we should stick with the current mob for a while”.

The assumption was that he was a paid actor and there was a frenzy of commentary about the clip, ranging from questions about the positioning of his work bench, his watch and bracelet, and how the vest was probably not what a real tradie would wear on a site.

But the Liberal Party insisted he was a real tradie and today The Daily Mail has tracked him down: he’s Andrew MacRae, a ute-driving metalworker from the Sydney suburb of Lane Cove.

From Daniel Piotrowski’s report:

Speaking outside his home on his way to work on Tuesday morning, Andrew MacRae, 50, insisted he was a tradesperson – even showing his NSW government contractor’s licence to prove the point.

Mr MacRae said his friends thought the whole thing was ‘hilarious’.


Friend Domenico Coviello said Mr MacRae was a Liberal supporter as expected: ‘He’s definitely betting for the Blues on the Liberal side.

‘He’s a real tradie – he’d be a fitter-turner [type of metalworker] but he’s an all rounder. He’s a good bloke.’

The Mail reports MacRae is a licensed metal fabricator and a former mechanical supervisor at Masterfoods.

The full story’s here.

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