Super-Committee Or Super Fraud?

k street super committee lobbying

That didn’t take long.

Yesterday afternoon, Nancy Pelosi released the names of the Democratic congressmen she appointed to the so-called “Super-Committee” set up by the Budget Control Act to find $2.1 trillion in federal savings.

Not even two hours later, one of those named—Rep. Xavier Becerra of California—was featured on a fundraiser invitation, sent to Wall Street lobbyists by the Investment Company Institute, that highlighted his presence as a member of the super-committee as one of the perks of the $1,500 per ticket event.

“This will be Mr. Becerra’s first event since being named to the commission and may be one of the first for any of the twelve members of the group,” the invitation said, according to the Wall Street Journal. “This event could give all attendees a glimpse into what will most assuredly be the primary topic of discussion between now and the end of the year.”

Apart from Becerra’s brazen opportunism, the presence on the committee of such politically compromised figures as Chris Van Hollen (head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee) and Patty Murray (head of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee)—and the fact that the super-committee’s staff will be largely comprised of former lobbyists—means that fundraising opportunities will never be far from the members’ minds when they sit down at the negotiating table this fall.